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21st February 2021|

We start our week with heavy squats with the goal being a heavy double. Aim to start at 55-60% 1RM and build from there. Our conditioning piece involves movements highly likely to be seen in the up coming CrossFit Open. Have a strategy to break up your sets and aim to finish the 15 minutes strong.


On the 2:30 x 5 Sets:
Set 1: 10 Back Squats
Set 2: 8 Back Squats
Set 3: 6 Back Squats
Set 4: 4 Back Squats
Set 5: 2 Back Squats


” Bootleg ”

21 Wallballs
18 Single Dumbbell Alternating Power Snatches (22.5/15)
15 Toes to Bar
12 Box Jump Overs (50/60 cm)

Happy Hour

19th February 2021|

A little volume in our team workout this morning. Our goal is to score big on the snatches.


” Happy Hour ”

TEAMS OF 3 complete :
300 Double Unders
100 Pull Ups
MR Power Snatch (42.5/30)

250 Double Unders
80 Pull Ups
MR Power Snatch (50/35)

200 Double Unders
60 Pull Ups
MR Power Snatch (60/40)


Reps can be divided between the team in any way.
After the double under /pull up ‘buy-in’ athletes will try to accumulate as many reps as possible in the remainder of the 10 minute window.

Dubs: Reduce reps/lateral bar hops
Pull Ups : Reduce reps/ bands/ jumping
Snatches : Power Clean and Jerk

Hurts So Good

18th February 2021|

The hurt continues..a little barbell work, a little gymnastics and a whole lot of ticker!..Lets get after this one. Remember the Open is only 3 weeks away and the work YOU put in now may mean the Open wods may suck just a tiny bit less ;-P


” Hurts So Good  ”

30 Bar-Facing Burpees
30 Hang Squat Cleans (42.5/30)
30 Box Jump Overs (60/50 cm )
30 Overhead Squats
30 Toes to Bar
30 Thrusters

Flap Jack

17th February 2021|

Phew! TG thats over. Now we can carry on bullet proofing ourselves with constantly varied high intensity functional movement that assures us of survival when the shit really comes down..And nothing better than a big gasping chipper to burn those calories we may of stocked while in the (sedentary) lockdown. If you have been working out, be it easy bodyweight or steady state sessions, or relishing in soul- destroying 40  minute bangers, the wod today can be taken at the pace you want it… And remember Level 2  Guidelines  apply until further notice!


” Flap Jack ”

1,000/800 m Row
50 Hand Release Push-ups
30 Deadlifts (100/70)
50 Hand Release Push-ups
1,000/800 m Row

TIME CAP 25:00

One Too Many

11th February 2021|

Snatch testing today for a heavy single. Then another challenging metcon where grip and lat strength will get you home well.


Power Snatch

Build to a heavy single


” One Too Many ”


50 Double Unders

10 Power Snatches (42.5/30)

21 Toes to Bar

50 Double Unders

10 Power Snatches (42.5/30)

15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

50 Double Unders

10 Power Snatches (42.5/30)

9 Strict Pull-ups