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8th July 2021|

Yay it’s Friday and today we hit the Epic Hero wod ‘Holleyman’. Heavy Cleans, Handstand Push Ups and Wall Balls will feature, this time with smaller sets and lots of transitions. Our strength will focus on efficient barbell cycling and tight positioning. DON’T FORGET TIGHT NIGHT AT 530PM. Wear your tights and stay for a mid winter ale or wine. BYO!


Clean for reps
#1: 5 reps @ 65%
#2: 5 reps @ 75%
#3: 5* reps @ 85%
*AMRAP the final set.
Cleans are touch and go.
BB must not rest on the ground between reps.


” Holleyman ”

30 rounds of:
5 Wall Ball shots
3 Handstand push-ups
1 Power clean (75% of 1 RM Clean)

CAP 30:00


6th July 2021|

Week One of the OHS cycle. Then we hit Hero benchmark Randy. Although light the wod rewards efficiency as the reps build making the barbell seem heavier.


Overhead Squat

5 @ 65%

5 @ 75%

AMRAP @ 85%


” Randy ”

75 Power Snatch (35/25)

CAP 10:00

Absolute Value

2nd July 2021|

Amazing numbers on the board yesterday in clean testing. But for all the weightlifting we gotta suffer some bike time. Get On It!


” Absolute Value ”

3 Rounds:
Partner 1: 1 Minute Bike Calories
Partner 2: 1 Minute Bike Calories
Partner 1: 2 Minute Bike Calories
Partner 2: 2 Minute Bike Calories
Partner 1: 3 Minute Bike Calories
Partner 2: 3 Minute Bike Calories

During 1 Minute Break: 9 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
During 2 Minute Break: 15 Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
During 3 Minute Break: 21 Kettlebell Swings(24/16)

Double Grace

1st July 2021|

Fri Yay and we go big. After seeking the heaviest clean we can muster we get stuck into a feed of clean and jerks. Lots of ’em. Wear something bright and bring some cheer for after to enjoy during these freezing dark days and nights.


In  14:00

Build to a 1 RM Clean


” Double Grace ”

60 Clean and Jerk (60/40)

CAP 12:00


Full Circle

30th June 2021|

Metabolic conditioning workout last tested in January. Check your times on SugarWOD and get after it!


For Time:
1500 Meter Row
100 Double Unders
50 Calorie Bike
100 Double Unders
1500 Meter Row

CAP 25:00