‘Nastics Day and we go upside down again. Today we practise gaining confidence in shifting weight, and getting ready for those baby steps..on your hands. Throw in some dubs practise and pull up time and we’ve got ourselves a busy skill session. .The met con will challenge your ability to maintain steady breathing rhythm coming from short sprints, into small fast sets of HSPUs, then quick singles on the cleans.


Handstands / Strict Pull Ups

Part A : 0:00-4:00

Alternating between

30 Double Under

:15 s Handstand Hold

Part B : 4:00-12:00

AMRAP, not for score

2 m Handstand Walk*/1 Strict Pull Up

2 m Handstand Walk/2 Strict Pull Up

2 m Handstand Walk/3 Strict Pull Up

continue to add (1) strict pull up until the 12:00 mark

*scale to 25 weight shifts/20 alt shoulder taps


” Wild Wind ”

5 Rounds

Run 200 m


10 Power Clean (60/40)

CAP 20:00