Shasa Clean Precious night

A great week of powerlifting tests have been completed. Now we go about building our absolute strength for the CrossFit Total retest on Thursday December 10th. Put it in your diaries as there will be a meal and some Christmas cheer to follow.  NOTE there will be no classes on Sunday and one class only on Monday 26th at 5pm. 



OTM 12

Odd min :

1 Squat Clean ( 60% 1RM )

1 Hang Squat Clean

1 High Hang Squat Clean & Jerk

Even min :

3 Strict Pull Up

3 Strict Dip



” Weight List  ”

4 Rounds of :

10 KB Snatch (24/16 kg )(alternating l/r )

10 KB Lunge (alternating l/r )

: 30 sec Plank

(3min to complete a round, rest remainder of time if you finish early)


Weight List