Perty HSPU

Front Squat Friday returns to CFN. For those yet to set a CrossFit Total the evening session at 530pm and again on Saturday at 1030pm is your last chance. Being aware of your numbers for the following 8 weeks will give you a gauge of your progress as you set your percentages. This figure is important in the same way a compass is in tracking your journey. If you are old school and like to document your loads and times then we will have CFN Training Diaries available in the next few weeks. Our new  Badass CFN T-Shirts are about a week away so hang in there!! 


E 3 M

5 Front Squat (60% of 1RM )

5 Clean Pull

5 Rounds


” Walking Wounded ”

50 Double Under

5 Wall Climb

50 m OH Walking Lunge (20/10)

5 Wall Climb

2 Rounds