Sarah PLU

Our new strength cycle has been written up on the Open whiteboard for your viewing pleasure. If we stay committed and consistent to the program then the gains will be there to celebrate come May 27th. But some days you wont have the same verve and your training mojo wont feel like it should. This is absolutely normal and could be a result of any number of stressors that affect training. Poor sleep, lack of nutrients, work stress or overtraining can lead to a crap day in the gym. This is a signal that restoration and regeneration is required and may need an unscheduled day or two off. In any event keep heart and have a good chat with the coaches so we can help put you back on track, and get your wod back on and the smile on your dial :-)


E 90s

3 Push Press *

5 Rounds



” Twister “

1 Round of :

30 Pull Up

50 Sit Up

70 Double Under


2 Rounds of :

20 Pull Up

40 Sit Up

60 Double Under


3 rounds of :

10 Pull Up

20 Sit Up

40 Double Under

Compare to : 17/8/2016