Gozza C2B

Great to see some real commitment in yesterdays overhead squat sessions. This difficult exercise could be called the ‘Prince of Movement’ due to the huge strength and stability demands, not to mention the flexibility and concentration required to successfully complete the lift. Today , however we get our ‘nastics on with pull ups, sit ups and yet more rope jumping!


3 Weighted Pull Up

Rest 30 secs

3 Weighted Ring Dip

Rest 2 mins

5 Rounds


” Twister “

1 Round of :

30 Pull Up

50 Sit Up

70 Double Under


2 Rounds of :

20 Pull Up

40 Sit Up

60 Double Under


3 rounds of :

10 Pull Up

20 Sit Up

40 Double Under

For time .

Compare to : 30/3/2015