Some inspirational performances seen in ‘G-Force ‘yesterday and evidence of the frenzied support that will be there for you when you go at the Open over the next 5 weeks! This will be an incredible 5 weeks and you are all encouraged to enter, whatever your ability and be part of this incredible team called “The Red Skulls”..All For One!! We will meet to discuss the Open this Thursday night at 7pm in the Lounge. RSVP. :-)

A/ Gymnastics

3 Rounds of

Max Strict Pull Up

Rest 30 secs

7 m Handstand Walk


” Trash Can”

21 Double Under

15 Toes To Bar

9 Handstand Push Up

10 min AMRAP


Shankle Complex 
3 attempts for max load

Hang Pull x 3
Hang Squat Clean
Split Jerk x 2