Some wonderful results in yesterdays Oly Total . PB’s rained down and the bell was clanging all day. But more noticeably was the way the bar was shifted. Drilling the Oly progressions for the last 3 months has undoubtedly seen tighter, faster and more accurate movement and this can only improve as we race towards the Open in a little over 10 weeks. And don’t forget the CROSSFIT TOTAL this Friday night. Bring something to drink and toss on the barbie :)


Foam Roll :

Quads/Adductors/ IT Band/T Spine/ Lats

La-X Ball :

Calves/TFLs (hips)/Glutes/Traps


” Training Day ”

OTM 30

Min 1 : 5 Clean and Jerk (60/40)

Min 2 : 10 Toes To Bar

Min 3 : 20 Double Under