Today we welcome CF Daedalus to our gym to compete against our Mighty Red Skulls. The team tomorrow is Gorran, Perty, Kirky, Mel, Lydia and Cat. Get your wod on with the new Intro crew then stick around to cheer the team to victory! A snarler will be available to those who cheer the loudest. Then grab a car full  and go cheer Coach Callum on at Functional Strength CrossFit  when he lifts massive weights in their local comp from 12pm onwards. Then we let our hair down with a wee sake and sing-song at the CFN Christmas Party. Some of us will be pushing on to town afterwards so consequently there will be NO TRACK GODS or MOBILITY on Sunday. See y’all tomorrow!!


” Threes Company ”

Teams of 3

AMRAP 30 of

5 Burpee on Plate

10 m OH Lunge with plate

5 Burpee on Plate

On then call of ‘3-2-1 Go’ A Rows 500 m while B Rests and C Lunges/ Burpees.

Athletes will rotate when A finishes 500 m. B will then take over the lunge/ burpee couplet where C left off and C will then start his/her row.

Score is max metres lunged in 30 minutes.