Join Coach Markos for his Sunday morning Mobility With Markos sessions at 930am then jump on board the CompHeads sessions at 1030 . In these classes we run over a comprehensive warm up, skill and tech work in one of the Oly Lifts, a gymnastics EMOM and a short conditioning piece to wrap up an awesome Sunday morning. All experienced CrossFitters with an eye on upcoming competitions are welcome !!


Every 3 mins

5 HSPU (-ves)

5-10 Strict Toes To Bar

5 rounds


” 30 is the New Black ”

30 Cal Row

30 Box Jump Over (60/50 cm )

30 Deadlift (80/45 kg )

30 Wall Ball

30 Ring Dip

30 Wall Ball

30 Deadlift

30 Box Jump

30 Cal Row

CAP 20 minutes