CrossFit Newmarket offers you a facility in the heart of Newmarket, Auckland.

In our gym we have no treadmills, in fact, we don’t have machines at all. What we do have is 3000 kgs of bumper plates, kettlebells and dumbells, climbing ropes, Concept 2 rowing machines, Assault Air Bikes, over 90 feet of pull up bars and 350 square metres of floor space.

Our floor space allows our members to stretch and mobilise, practice Olympic weightlifting, skip, climb ropes, jump on plyometric boxes, row, do handstand pushups, pull ups, swing kettlebells, train with gymnastics rings, and run in one of New Zealands most beautiful parks.


In addition to the strength and conditioning program, our gym offers a lounge area, bathrooms including showering facilities, and a full kitchen.


2. Show up regularly and work hard EVERY TIME. Always come with a positive attitude. Don’t doubt yourself.

3. Lateness WILL result in motivational consequences in the form of burpees.

4. Technique. Consistency. Intensity. In that order, always.

5. Coaches are the only ones allowed to correct technique and give advice. Cheer and encourage all you like, but leave the coaching to the coaches. If you think someone’s technique looks dicey, notify the coach.

6. Scaling options will be identified by coaches only. Cutting reps is not a “scaling option” it’s called CHEATING. You are not being smarter by doing less work, you are actually making yourself less fit and you’re also a COCK.

7. At CrossFit you WILL squat. There WILL be no compromise.

8. Carelessly dropping weights from great heights may agitate the coaches … you DON’T want to agitate the coaches. DO NOT drop barbells with less than 10kg bumpers on each side unless bodily harm is eminent.

9. Clean up after yourself. This includes EQUIPMENT, personal belongings, drink bottles, chalk dust, sweat, blood, germs and other DNA.

10. Log your WOD, it’s important for progression.

11. Enjoying your achievements is great, but celebrating and cheering for others makes you a true CrossFitter and a legend.

12. Learn everything you can about CrossFit, the top athletes, the community, the movements and the principles behind it.

13. You are part of a wonderful community. Embrace it, respect it and give back to it.

14. We have no time for egos, drama or whining. If you are scared of hard work, sweat, blood and possibly vomit, then CrossFit is not for you.

Location and Parking

We are located at  16 Morgan Street, Newmarket, Auckland 1023.  Parking can be found on Morgan street, Carlton Gore Road, and behind the gym outside of business hours.