Some real strength and power shown in yesterdays ‘Clean and Jerk Cindy’ with very few failed lifts in a long and gruelling workout. Today we get back on our clean tech, then a fun beatdown with a classic burner ending in deadlifts… And for you early birds our morning classes will now start at 530am and 630am respectively starting on Monday 26th September!!!


Squat Clean and Power Jerk 3 x 2 reps

Push Press 3 x 3 reps

Clean Pull 3 x 3 reps

CG Deadlift * 3 x 3 reps

*approx 5-10kg more than clean pulls


” The Grinder ”

Row 1 km

75 Double Under

40 Toes To Bar

25 Deadlift (100/70)

For time.