CFN’s favorite partner workout comes around again. Classes at 8am and 930am. Coffee group will be choosing a local cafe for breakfast after :-) There will no no Sunday Beastwod. On Anzac Day we will be throwing down the Mighty ‘Bull’ . Box will be open at 8am, meet at 930am for warm up. There will be a $10 BBQ Brekky to follow. 


” Deck Of Death “

Teams of 3 :

Clubs : Kettlebell Swing ( 32/24 kg)

Hearts : Run 200 m  / Row 300 m (alternate)

Spades : Ground To Overhead (60/40 kg)

Diamonds : Burpee/ Toes To Bar

Joker 1 : 50 Squats (each)

Joker 2 : 150 Double Unders /300 Singles (each)

*each player in a team takes a card and completes the number of reps of the exercise individually. The suits denotes the exercise. Picture cards are 10 reps, Aces are 11.