Kyle Broke

Wobbly wheels may happen today with our week ending back squat session. If you couldn’t get in on Monday then hit 5 by 5’s at some light loads across. Saturday is our “Hell-O-Ween” partner workout . The best costume wins a prize. And if your Rugby plans are still up for grabs then head down to the box at 5am Sunday . A gnarly little wod will kick off shortly after. The wod will be called ” Back 2 Back ‘ for bloody obvious reasons ;-P



3 Back Squat (65-70% 1 RM )

*focus on speed through mvmt
*same weight across

Rest 2 min


ME Back Squat (same weight)


” The Day of Wreckoning ”

Row 250 m

15 Power Clean (60/40)

Run 200 m

15 Shoulder To OH

2 Rounds

CAP 16


The Day Of Reckoning