And all of a sudden winter is over! This Spring we will be switching gears to include more rig, ring work and barbell cycling. With our gymnastics we start to get a little more technical and iron out a few wrinkles with our pull ups, toes to bar and muscle ups (or we gun for our first!) Reminder that the Open has been returned to its regular spot of February/March again so the time is right to get stuck in!

Gymnastic Complex

5 Sets:
2 Toes to Bar
3 Pull-Ups
4 CTB Pull-Ups
3 Pull-Ups
2 Toes to Bar

Rest as needed between sets.


” The Avengers ”


10 Strict HSPU

15 Box Jump Over (60/50 cm)

20/15 Cal Row

75 Double Under


HSPU : Dble DB  Seated Press/ x1,2,3 ab mats/push ups

BJO : Step overs

DUBS : plate hops/x 150 singles