back squat

A big congrats to Rochelle who took Silver and Perty who placed 5th in the Taurus NZ Nationals in Hamilton over the weekend. The comp had the best assembled athletes in NZ and our guys did us proud in 8 tough workouts over 2 days. Todays wod featured on Saturday where we all performed well and would love y’all to have a crack at what was the highlight for many of the competitors in Hamilton.


Back Squat 5 x 3 reps @ 70%

Hip Thruster 5 x 10 reps

Perform a superset every 3 minutes.


‘Taurus Nationals Masters Event 4’

0-3 minutes :


30 Snatch (50/30)

3-6 minutes :


30 Clean and Jerk (50/30)

At the 3 minute mark move immediately from snatches to clean and jerks.

Score is time or max reps .

Post 2 separate scores.