Sessions today at 730am and 930am. This will be the last of our regular schedule until the new year. Bodyweight/Beach workouts will be available to current members on your SugarWOD app while you are away on holiday, but we will be posting a daily coached workout on a restricted timetable for those that are still around to train, as well as Open gym hours for extra cardio, mobility or strength work. In the meantime..


” Synchro Slimming ”

In pair partners will each :

Run 800 m w/ DB (22.5/15)

40 Synchronised Burpee

80 Synchronised Alt DB Snatch

30 Burpee

60 Snatch

20 Burpee

40 Snatch

Run 400 m together w/DB

CAP 40

*Partners must start snatch together from floor

**Partners must begin burpee together from floor.