What an incredible community of people we have at CrossFit Newmarket! Over 50 Red Skulls sweated and heaved, scrubbed, mopped, chopped, stacked and sliced . They pushed, shoved and dragged over 10 tons of CrossFit shit to form our unfinished yet beautiful new box. This chapter in our gyms history will be amazing and we have the members, the staff, the equipment and now the location to take us to the next level . I personally thank each and everyone of you for your commitment and loyalty to this box. In return we the coaches shall do our very best to ensure you receive the finest CrossFit experience possible, to make you fitter, faster and stronger than you ever thought possible! …And of course we must also shout out to the Red Skull NZFL Team for their 5-0 slaughter of neighbours CF Remuera on Saturday. This Saturday we will facing CF Otara currently sharing the lead with us in our division. Make sure youre on hand to cheer them on! Good Times ahead!


Every 4 minutes

10 Back Squat 3 x 10 reps (build to a 10RM )

3 Weighted Pull Up

3 Rounds


” Sweet 16 ”


16 Deadlift (80/45)

16 Wallball

16  Pull Up