Schalky SP

Just over a week to our last CrossFit Total of 2015. If you haven’t set a total before then this is simply a number that denotes your absolute strength in 3 lifts : The Back Squat, the Shoulder Press and the Deadlift. It can be viewed as a starting point for your strength development regardless of your ability, experience or even your lack of regular practice in these lifts. The goals that you have set need not be to get a bigger back squat or deadlift but proficiency gained in these massively important compound movements will lead to all your goals being met. Whether you want to be a faster runner or rower, develop handstand strength, achieve a muscle up, climb a mountain, swim a lake or chuck your kids around and mix it up with them deep into their teens. In short the CrossFit Total is a must. We will retest in around 3 months time. And you will be fitter…stronger..faster..and better. Get Some.


E 2 M

3 Shoulder Press (80 % of 1 RM )

5 Barbell Row (AHAP)

5 Rounds


” Grip, Rip and Jump ”

21 Power Snatch (50/30)

21 Box Jump (60/50 cm)

15 Overhead Squat

15 Box Jump

9 Squat Snatch

9 Box Jump

CAP 12 minutes