One for the age(d). Another tough Jan 12th test of stamina, skill and ability to embrace the suck.

As we progress through the seasons we need to believe in the ultimate cause : to smash decrepitude upside the head and continue to put in work, make fewer excuses and reward yourself for the work you put in. Ageing is wonderful if done right. Be kind to yourself and enjoy every moment..before we forget it ;-)


” 54 ”

Buy In:

Run 1 Mile


19 Bar Muscle Up

67 Wall Ball (9/6)


54 Power Snatch (50/35)

CAP 40:00

Muscle Ups and Wall Balls may be broken up in any way.


Run : Run 800m/ Row 2km

BMU :  Burpee/ C2B

Snatch : Reduce weight