The holiday handstand comp is heating up! Get a mate, practise a few ‘inverts’ and get creative with a pretty background or wear something crazy (or nothing) and stick it on CFN Facebook and Instagram .A new CFN hoodie could be yours! …Todays conditioning piece is all about stamina and asks that you hit bigger sets before resting. Ensure you take a full 30 secs rest before each round or drop the numbers.


In 2:00

MR Strict HSPU

rest 1:00

In 1:00

MR Strict HSPU

rest :30

In :30

MR Strict HSPU

*sub DB strict press while seated on the floor.


10-8-6-4-2 reps

Back Squat

Rest 3 minutes between sets

*post your heaviest double


” Stamina Smash ”

3 Rounds, rotating stations “On the 2:00”:

Minutes 0-2: 75 Double Under

Minutes 2-4: 20 Toes To Bar

Minutes 4-6: 30 Wallball (13/9)

*Aim to complete the reps in as few sets as possible.