Squeaky Clean

Jerk Day still seeing some PB’s trickling in for those that are consistently making Thursdays. Front Squat Friday is back after last weeks testing so lets try and get in early and scour the hips and shoulders for any tight bits or blockages. See the coaches to set you specific stretches/ strengtheners for your ‘issues’ because thats what we are here for. You guys. Our mission is to make you better.


OTM 10

Clean Deadlift + Clean Pull + 2 Power Clean *

Rest 3 minutes, then…

E 2 M 

2 Front Squat *

* building

5 Rounds


” Squeaky Clean ”

1 min Power Clean (42.5/30)

Rest 30 sec

1 min Box Jump (60/50 cm)

Rest 30 sec

1 min 10 m Shuttle

3 Rounds