Excitement is building as we hit the halfway stage of our Nutrition Challenge. PB’s still trickling in, bodies looking tanned, lean and capable ,and theres so much to look forward to! Only a few weeks till we test our strength, speed , and courage in the New Total, then its full throttle for Team Red Skull in the first of the CF Open workouts of the year! We will be having a live feed in the lounge for the Friday lunchtime announcement and athletes are welcome to give it 15.1 a crack shortly after as judges will be available to score. There will be sessions on Friday afternoons, Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons, and again on Monday morning for 5 weeks. Check our CFN Members page for details on all our upcoming events.


Bench Press 8 x 3 reps

5 DB Row between sets


” Speed Trap ”

OTM 15

Min 1 : 7 Thruster (60/40)

Min 2 : 25 Sit Up

Min 3 : 50 m Sprint ( 5 x 10 m )