Congrats to all who posted totals for our Swole Cycle. Whether we hit PBs or not we got stuck in, lifted heavy and have come into spring training stronger and up for the next get faster and leaner.

Today we roll on for the next 8 weeks squatting, albeit higher reps in a mission to develop ‘strength endurance’. Our ability to hit big sets of front squats, thrusters, wall balls, box jumps, and sprints without early fatigue setting in will be a feature along the way. Whiteboard times will be annihilated and bodies will be jacked! Lets get stuck in and see how this hard work pays off.


In 10:00

20 RM Back Squat (60% of 1 RM )


” Sonic the Hedgehog ”

7 Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35)

3 Bar Muscle Up