Simply the Best! After second place finishes in the recent NZ Masters at Waitakere these two legends joined forces to take out the Masters RXD division at the ‘Two To Tango’ comp held at the North Shore Events Centre over the weekend. They beat top pairings from all over the country and we just know they competed with humility and grace such are their characters. Well done Perty and Roachy, you’ve made your box proud…..Pride is a double edged sword though. Pride also means you respect and cherish your gym. This is our happy place. But lately you would think the opposite. Dirty clothes, plastic bottles, bits of tape, and a general ” I don’t give a shit , its not my mess ” attitude seems to be creeping in. Equipment is being mistreated. Rowers are being shoved up against the walls, empty bars dropped, bands remain on the pull up bars, bumper plates, kettebells and med balls are not returning to where they came from….I could go on but I need you guys to understand that this cannot continue. Our Open Gym policy is extremely liberal and it doesn’t have to be.  Show the Love People. JS.


Back Squat  3 x 10 (70 % of  1RM)

Rest 1 minute

Weighted Pull Up  3 x 3 reps

Rest 2-3 minutes


” Snake Bite ”

21-15-9 of

Overhead Squat (60/40)

Chest To Bar Pull Up

CAP 12 minutes