A big thanks to those who turned up in the rain on Saturday to throw down the Deck Of Death. This was a gym record for class attendance and although a bit cramped everyone had fun and moved safely and carefully given the complexity of movements involved…We also made the big announcement of CrossFit Newmarket’s move to #16 Morgan St, a short 80 metre trot up the hill! This will happen on Saturday 5th November from 8am and everyone is invited to muck in on the next stage of this awesome journey to a bigger space. Breakfast will be provided for everyone who helps out.


10 Back Squat (65% of 10 RM )

3 Weighted Pull Up

3 Rounds


” Small Willy ”

Run 400 m

5 Front Squat (80/50)

Run 100 m

11 C2B  Pull Up

Run 200 m

12 Kettlebell Swing (32/24)

2 Rounds