Massive heart shown by our mean team of Red Skulls throwing down against CF East Auckland in their narrow loss on Saturday. And big thanks to all those that hung around to support the team. We may not have the young fire breathing CrossFit ninja freaks that some other gyms have but just try and beat us on our spirit and support for each other. The character that you guys show in helping each other through the dark stuff is what CFN is all about. Fancy barbells, kettle bells and state of the art equipment do not make a gym. Your hearts  and your selflessness do.


Overhead Squat 3-2-2-1-1-1-1 reps


” Skullduggery ”

10 Overhead Squat ( 75% of 1 RM )

20 Power Clean

2 Rounds

* 5 Toes To Bar OTM

CAP 14