And So it begins. Our Strength Cycle will commence today with the testing of our 5 rep max back squat. The ” Swole Cycle ” is aptly named as we attempt to gain strength through acquisition of lean muscle mass. Over the next week we will gather some data to see where we’re at, then take percentages of those lifts and set a course for 14 weeks of ‘Linear progression’ power lifting : The Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press , Shoulder Press and the Pull Up will be constantly trained on specific days, beginning at week 5 with high volume/low load right up till the end of winter. Our Bi- Annual CrossFit Total testing night is set for 31st August just before we tuck into Spring Training. Over the winter we still push the intensity, conditioning wods will still be demanding albeit a bit shorter, but Gymnastics Skills will be a feature of Tuesdays session, beginning with our first ‘nastics block of handstands for 6 weeks.

Now lets go get STRONG!!


In 15:00

Build to a 5 RM Back Squat

” Shu’s Revenge ”
Every 2:00 / 5 Rounds
20/14 Cal Bike
Max Rep Wall Ball (9/6)
Rest 2:00 between rounds