Trace BJ

The good times continue with sessions at 8am and 930am today. As always we grab food and coffee after our big stretch so hang around , practise stuff, jibber-jabber, then we go eat. DONT FORGET Sundays Beastwod ” The Shortest Day ” at 3pm. We will be running rope climb practise before the wod begins so don’t be shy ;-)


” Shifting Gears ”

A does one complete round while B 

A 10 Pull Up/  B Deadhang

5 Burpee/ B Plank

10 Kettlebell Swing (32/24)/ B OH Hold (20/10)

5 Box Jump (75/60)/ B Squat Hold

10 RFT

Each person completes 5 rounds each for a total of 10 rounds