Slicenator Snatch

The last week of our Oly cycle before we test again next week. Some of you have been missing OHS/Snatch Mondays and FSQ/ Clean Fridays but you can still put the work in on the other days of the week. Have a chat to the coaches about setting up make up squat sessions . And for those that are staying true to your Paleo Challenge well done. For those that couldn’t help themselves due to Test rugby drinking commitments ( like myself ) then penance is due in the form of 75 burpees. And don’t whine, it will only make you fitter for the tasty week ahead ;-)


OTM 10

Snatch High Hang Pull + Mid Hang  Pull + Hang Power Snatch + OHS

Rest 3 mins then

E 2 M

3 Overhead Squat

(add 5-7.5 kgs)

5 Rounds


” Running Randy ”

Run 400 m

75 Power Snatch (35/20)

Run 400 m

CAP 13