Ghada DL

Happy Birthday to Ghada for yesterday! Monday is snatch day and a good day to get fast. Like really fast..The snatch is the worlds fastest movement and requires real focus and attention to positioning  before the gates drop. Then all of the 10 components of fitness are relied upon. Strength, Speed, Power, Coordination, Balance, Flexibility, Agility, and of course accuracy. Yes even stamina and endurance are developed with repetition so we can engrain the motor patterns make the lift smooth, fast and successful. Don’t miss Snatch Day !



Pocket High Pull + Hang High Pull + Hang Power Snatch *

Rest 3 mins then

OT 2 M

3 Overhead Squat *

* building from racks

5 Rounds


” Ride The Lightning ”

1-3 minutes

5  Snatch * (70% of heaviest OHS)

Rest 1 minute

5-7 minutes

4  Snatch (75% of OHS)

Rest 1 minute

9-11 minutes

3 Snatch (80% of OHS)

* Full squat snatch.