An excellent night was had by all at the 8th Annual Red Skull Awards at the box on Saturday night. No blood, sweat or tears on this occasion, just lots of laughing, dancing and merriment. Thank you all so much for making up this incredible fun family we have. And a big congrats to the awesome Marcio Freitas, the winner of this years Red Skull trophy for most improved athlete over the last 12 months. The Red Skull is awarded to the athlete that dedicates him or herself to getting better every day, going after weaknesses and being patient and humble along the way. They also show selflessness and compassion for others, always encouraging and supporting those new members and represent CFN with pride and dignity. Well deserved Marcio and to all the other winners of medals last night!


Back Squat

5 x 65% of 1RM *

5 x 75%

AMRAP x 85%

*90% of your max weight squatted last week


” Randy’s Balls ”

75 Power Snatch (35/25)

EMOM 10 Wall Ball (9/6)

CAP 10