Eugenio Clean

Classes tomorrow at 730am with Coach Shasa,  then 830am JCF, and 930am with Coach JS.  The box will be closed till 5pm Monday  for Queens Birthday Partner WOD. Have an awesome weekend!!

Partner WOD 

” Queen City  Rules ”

75 Hang Power Clean and Jerk (50/35)

50 Pullup

75 Racked Lunge (50/35)

50 Burpee over Bar

75 Thruster (50/35)

50 Toes To Bar

75 Cals on Rower (switch every 20 strokes)

* One person working at a time.

**Bar cannot be dropped once barbell sets have begun 30 min time cap.
** Penalty for dropping: Run 200 m together.
Queen City Rules