Project Description

It’s a well-known fact that they’ve always done things differently behind the Iron Curtain

As the product of Soviet Training programs, cloaked in secrecy, with the end goal of producing world class athletes, Coach Roman is fearsomely strong and surprisingly fit. In fact, old habits die hard and Coach Roman still does most of his training using his “secret” KGB Methods  — kardio, weightlifting and kettlebells.

Regardless of his novel training regimes, when Coach Roman hits the gym floor, it is clear that he has shown attention to detail in perfecting his own movement and passes this experience on to his charges.

Splitting his time between the gym and his day job as a Surveyor (he incidentally learnt his craft in the Siberian Salt mines), Roman has vast swathes of experience in effectively coaching the Olympic lifts, Gymnastic movements and mono-structural conditioning with little more than prods, gestures, pointed looks and a vast repertoire of Russian curses. Originally plying his coaching trade in Moscow, Roman moved to NZ to study English and liked the climate so much he decided to stay on and explore in “how you say it, a reeecreationaaal veeehicle?”

Like Stalin, Roman runs his classes with an Iron Grip, his face an unreadable Slavic mask behind his facial hair. But like the Eastern European Brown Bear, beneath the grizzled and stoic exterior is a nurturing and warm creature that is always up for a cuddle, with the best possible outcome for the members and the community never far from his mind. Coach Roman is found coaching in the mornings and on Saturdays. His classes are nyet to be missed!


CrossFit LVL1 Trainer Certificate (Nov 2014)
CrossFit LVL2 Trainer Certificate (May 2016)
CrossFit Strongman Trainer Certificate (Feb 2016)


CrossFit Maze (head-coach/administrator) (now non-affiliate) (Dec 2014 – Now)
CrossFit Bayard (coach) (now non-affiliate) (Feb 2015 – July 2015)
Reebok Free Trainings in Parks (coach) (April 2015)


Olympic Weightlifting (since 2002 with breaks)
Powerlifting (since 2002 with breaks)
Kettlebell Sport (since 2003)
CrossFit (since summer of 2013)
(also were boxing, karate, mountain bike and others)


Kursk Region Powerlifting (2004, 2005) (Kursk/Zheleznogorsk, Russia)
Central Russia Olympic Weightlifting (2005) (Kursk, Russia)
Moscow WPC/AWPC (2005, 2006) (Moscow, Russia)
And some other local competitions in 2003-2006


Geraklion WinterCup (as individual) (Feb 2015) (Moscow, Russia)
Aphrodite Games (as team captain) (Jun 2015) (Limassol, Cyprus)