Davidsdottir CFG Champ

The Worlds Fittest Woman is Katrin Davidsdottir who represents the new breed of women destined to survive the zombie apocalypse. Quite astonishing to watch these extremely fit but feminine warrior queens crushing wod after wod and setting the new standard of what strong and healthy means. When we first opened back in October 2010 people said “Its the latest craze..but it wont last ” ..Try telling that to Katrin ;-)


3 Deadlift  (building)

Rest 1 minute

5 Bench Press ( same as  last week )

Rest 2 minutes

5 Rounds


” Pedal To The Metal Modified ”


12 Def HSPU

24 Cal Row

200m Sprint

8 Deadlift ( 90% of 3RM )


Pedal To The Metal