Greg Sh Press
Just under 3 weeks left before we hit the final CrossFit Total of 2015.  Keep working on your lifts but don’t freak out if some days there appears to be no progress. Sometimes an unscheduled rest day is a great way to reset the dial and freshen up. Mobility never needs letting up, choose another area of the body apart from the usual hips, glutes, or shoulders and spend in excess of 10 minutes whether it be soft tissue or joint realigning and be patient in your quest for virtuosity. And don’t  forget to tell your mates, partners, neighbours and bosses about THE UNDY WOD this Sunday at 3pm. Tell them to bring a six pack and $20 and prepare themselves to laugh, applaud and admire the ridiculousness that unfolds before their eyes. Better than a night at the Comedy Fest and way cheaper ;-)
E 2 M

5 Shoulder Press (75 % of 1 RM )

7 Barbell Row (AHAP)

5 Rounds

” Peace Through Superior Fire Power “
Buy In:
75 Double Under
then 5 Rounds of
5 Clean & Jerk (70/45)
7 Box Jump (75/60 cm)
9 Chest To Bar Pull Up
Cash Out :
75 Double Under
CAP 15