Strict movements can feel good early on, but can quickly disappear as volume starts to accumulate

With partners to share the load with, let’s not try to bite off very big sets at the beginning.

Being conservative early and breaking these up well before your movement starts to slow down will help preserve your press and pull throughout.

Somewhere between 1-5 reps on the strict pull-ups and 4-7 reps on the strict presses is very sustainable


Teams of 3
30 Strict Pull-ups
40 Strict Dumbbell Presses (2 x 15/ 2 x 10)
50 Back Squats

Round 1: 70/45
Round 2: 80/50
Round 3: 90/60
Round 4: 100/70
Round 5: 110/75 (Max Reps)

Cool Down
Quads Foam Roll:
1-2 Minutes Each Side

Lats Foam Roll:
1-2 Minutes Each Side

Glutes Foam Roll:
1-2 Minutes Each Side