Our last week of landmine presses before we switch back to standing presses. Our conditioning needs a good fast partner for another good sweat out. The first half of the workout matters far less than the last half, so start smart and hold a pace that you can keep working at later on
More important than speed early on is setting yourself up for strong sets of burpee box jumps later on in the workout. Get Some.


1a) Half-Kneeling Landmine Press: 6 x 8 ea.
No rest.
1b) Shoulder Width Grip Pull-ups: 6 x 6.
Rest 60s.


” Outside The Box ”
Teams of 2, AMRAP 30:
100 Meter Run, 1 Burpee Box Jump
100 Meter Run, 2 Burpee Box Jumps
100 Meter Run, 3 Burpee Box Jumps

** In this longer partner workout, one athlete works at a time
* Both athletes will complete a full round before moving up in reps
* For Example:
* Athlete 1 will complete a 100 m Run + 1 Burpee Box Jump
* Athlete 2 will complete a 100 m Run + 1 Burpee Box Jump
* Athlete 1 will complete a 100 m  Run + 2 Burpee Box Jump…
* For scoring purposes, we’ll record the total number of burpee box jumps completed at the end of 30 minutes
* 100 metre runs do not count towards total score