Last chance this morning to post a score for 14.1! Don’t forget to enter it online and give me a chance to validate it. Awesome to see so many newbies having a crack and getting their double unders sorted for the first time. Special mention must go to freshy Ben Mudford, who last week couldn’t string together 5 double unders, and today posted a mammoth 280 reps!! And he’s got 2 weeks of Intro to And a huge happy B’Day to Kimmy the Quiet Assassin, have a good one in the vest today bro :-D

A /Gymnastics

L-Sit Holds 3 x ME


” On Your Marks”

B /OTM 10

3 Front Squat @ 85% of 1RM

C /OTM 12

Odd: 3 Muscle Up

Even: 6  Box Jump (75/60)