Olympic Lifting covers progressions in the clean, jerk and snatch which will go a long way towards improving your speed, accuracy and strength.

You’ve just finished Murph and you are relaxing in the warm post WOD glow with the rest of your tribe, their faces illuminated by the flickering of the yak dung fires. The oldest coach, his skin sun darkened to resemble soft leather speaks …

“We Rx’d. Many wore a weighted vest and are fitter for it.It was a good day. But what is best in life?”

The young one speaks. “The open gym, the sound of the speaker system overhead, the heart rate monitor on your wrist.”

“Wrong!” Barks the old coach. “Donny! What is best in life?”

You notice the chubby stranger with the terrifying quad to calf ratio for the first time.

He speaks.

“The feel of the knurl in your hand. The weight bearing down on your front rack. To crush PRs, seeing records fall before you and hear the the blood rushing in your ears as you stand up a heavy clean and fight to stay conscious.”

The old coach smiles knowingly and from deep within you feel a stirring in your soul. A fire has been ignited, and you yearn the reassuring coolness of the steel in your palms.

You glance at the rotund stranger and catch his bloodshot eye. It holds promises of coaching the foundations of the Olympic lifts; the clean, the jerk, the snatch and the accessory lifts. Your future flashes before you and you see constant reminders to keep your shoulders over the bar but you know for certain you’ll be at #weightliftingwednesday with Coach Donny.

Wednesdays at 7:30pm

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