Big efforts from the Skull Rangers and the Ninja Turtles at the Wild West comp out at Avondale in the weekend. Although our Rangers placed last they moved well and represented CFN with dignity and humour. The Turtles smashed everything and placed a very respectable 7th place in a tough field of well over 30 teams from all around Auckland . And big thanks to those guys who came out to support and cheer them on! The numerous CF competitions around NZ allow us to really build then test our skill against the growing number of athletes of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  For those new to the box we recommend you train with this in mind, for this could be a goal to one day join a CFN team and compete as hard as you can..for the TEAM!

‘Nastics Day takes a break so we can get our squats on then a re-test of  the classic benchmark ‘Nancy.’ Lets Go!


Every 3 minutes

3 Back Squat (75%)

3 Pull Up (build)

5 Rounds


” Nancy “

Run 400 m

15 Overhead Squat (42.5/ 30)

5 Rounds