For our Oly Total testing we will be snatching today and clean and jerk testing on Thursday. For the newbies we will focus on  technique and break the snatch down with some accessory lifts..and speaking of lifters these guys did great in finishing 21 kms of running in yesterday’s Auckland Half Marathon. More body mass is obviously harder to transport long distances, but we are CrossFitters and we specialise in not specialising. Our endurance training will step up over the next few months to Christmas, but we must remain balanced in extending strength and skill acquisition with the 2019 CrossFit Open a little over 16 weeks away. So Lets broaden that Pyramid!


In 20:00

1 RM Snatch


” Nancicola”

21-15-9 reps of

Overhead Squat (42.5/30)

C2B Pull Up