Slicey Thruster

An incredible day of lifting yesterday with many having never set a CF total before astounding the coaches and themselves with good tight lifting and loads far exceeding their own expectations. For those that missed setting a total there will be opportunities to get your lifts done this Friday night and Saturday morning. This is your platform to build your strength over the next 8 weeks so we feel it is extremely important as a starting point to develop your strength. Tomorrow we test again with 1RM Snatch and Clean and Jerk and again on Saturday. Then its AWARDS NIGHT and time to party from 730pm !!Strength


OTM 10

1 Clean and Jerk (65-80% 1RM)

3 Box Jump (75/65cm)


” Morgan St Meat Grinder ”

Run 400 m

10 Overhead Squat (60/40)

10 Power Snatch