Barbs BPE

16.2 is thankfully done and dusted. An awesome workout with some quite incredible performances, particularly those that felt their way through the scaled workout , then decided they were going to tackle the wod Rxd. Massive improvements were shown not just on the scoreboard,but hitting PBs in double unders, squat cleans and even a few hitting their first toe to bar!!.. Your scores compared  to anyone else are irrelevant in this Open. No matter what you do you will get better than yesterday. Some of the movements seem damn near impossible, and a long way off ever getting a single rep..but CrossFit is  just a long journey of courage, commitment and humility. The workouts so far have given you a snap shot of what you are good at, and what you suck at. This allows you to build a game plan with your coaches on developing those weaknesses, and setting the goal to becoming an all round better athlete. Keep it up you awesome Red Skulls!


Every 90 seconds

3 Deadlift *

6 Def HSPU


7 Rounds


‘ Mop The Floor ‘

In  3 minutes :

5 Deadlift ( 65% of 3RM )

9 Box Jump (60/50 cm)

15 Wall Ball

5 Rounds