Fittest Man On Earth

Much respect to Ben Smith who was crowned the Fittest Man On Earth yesterday after 4 gruelling days of competition in the heat to beat out hundreds, even thousands of other monsters who have been training very hard for well over 8 months.    This really puts into perspective how far we have to go in this journey, but lets all recognise how far we’ve come. Just getting into a tight squat with something overhead was practically impossible for some of us 3 months look at us!  Yesterday watching you guys hold your postures and move in a coordinated balanced way suggests that we are rolling along just nicely . Keep it up! :-)


Pull Up Progressions

  • -ves  5 x 3 reps ( 5-8 secs )/ Ring Support
  • Strict Pull Up 5 x 5 / Ring Dip  5 x 5 reps
  • Weighted ( 5 x 3 reps) *

* 3-5 Weighted Ring Dip/ UW/ -ves/Ring Support ( 5-15 secs)


” Mind The Gap ”

OTM 18

Min 1 : 10 Ring Dip

Min 2 : 40 sec Plank

Min 3 : 10 Chest To Bar Pull Up