Pinky OHL

Some gutsy rowing to earn many their fastest 2km times yesterday. As we head into winter the urge to eat more ‘comfort’ food rises, days are shorter, nights are colder and motivation to train harder can drop off. So get online, tell someone they are expected at a class and lets push each other to the greatest CrossFitness possible. And don’t forget our new awesome 430pm class. Now with 6 classes a day there is NO EXCUSE to get your dose ;-)


E 3 M

2 Deadlift *

2 Bench Press *

5 Rounds



” Meat Axe ”

In 4:00

Run 400 m + Max Clean and Jerk (60/40) in remaining time

Rest 2 min

In 4:00

Run 400 m + Max Power Snatch (50/30) in remaining time

Rest 2 Minutes

In 4:00

Run  400 m + Max Thruster (40/25) in remaining time

Post totals for each movement


Meat Axe