The second of our gymnastic and metabolic testing days. Testing is important. Fitness can be measured accurately with numbers and the success of your program is dependant on the results of the retest.

If you don’t test then retest after a sustained period of training, you are merely sailing aimlessly in a giant ocean with no real destination. The ‘sexy metcon’ we are so accustomed to on a daily basis is fun compared to the monotony of an intensive two minute singular test but these numbers don’t lie. We train for many reasons, but the main reason is to get better. Test. Gains are not handed on a plate but need a systematic structured program. Test. Work hard then retest. Simple huh.


” Measure Up 2 “

1/800 metre run
2/Max KBS (2 mins) (24/16)
3/Max HSPU (1 attempt) /HSH
4/Toes To Bar ( 1 attempt)
5/Max Wall Ball (2 mins)
6/15 ft Rope Climb (2mins)
7/50/40 Cal Assault Bike (for time)