Jeff T OHS

An amazing day and night of testing on Friday with no less than 55 personal bests set! Congrats to everyone who took part and did their very best to clean, press and squat their loads with great courage and commitment. The CrossFit Total is merely a test, but a sure way to set a value to your absolute strength and continue to build on it for years to come. As this number increases so will your ability to produce force for longer periods of time and thus create a stronger fitter faster body. And a massive thanks to Precious McKenzie and Danyon Loader for spending an awesome evening with us. And special thanks to Tim Lightbourne for his generous donation of Invivo Wines for our post workout consumption. Definitely the preferred wine choice for all discerning classy CrossFitters ;-)..Now on with the testing!


12 minutes to establish 1 RM Snatch.

12 minutes to establish 1 RM Clean and Jerk.


Row 250m

10 Burpee Over Rower

3 Rounds