After dipping with the heels down, we want to drive aggressively through the heels to straighten the legs. Squeezing the legs straight is what creates power and elevates the bar overhead. Focusing on the squeeze rather than the press allows the stronger lower body muscles do most of the work. The push press also calls for no re-bend of the legs, so continuously squeezing the legs prevents athletes from Push Jerking the weight.


” Long Haul ”

2 Rounds:
20 Push Presses (50/35)
30 Single DB Box Step-ups (1 x 22.5/15)
40 Burpees
50/35 Calorie Row

CAP 25:00

Beast Builder
On the Minute x 7:

Minute 1: 50/35
Minute 2: 60/42.5
Minute 3: 70/45
Minute 4: 70/45
Minute 5: 70/45
Minute 6: 60/42.5
Minute 7: 50/35

Max Unbroken Reps at Each Barbell