The 2020 Open is all but done and dusted! Don’t forget to submit your scores to be validated by 12pm today. And pencil in the CFN Xmas Party and Awards Night on Saturday 30th November. This will be a fun night!


1a) DB Bench Press:

2/4 x 10.

Rest 30s.
use the same weight or slightly heavier than last week
1b) Symmetrical Stance 1-Arm DB Rows – pronated grip:

2/4 x 15 each.

Rest 30s.
– 2 warm-up sets then 4 work sets.


” Loaded Weapon ”

Every 4:00 x 4 sets:
20 m. Front Rack DB Lunge 
10 Double DB Clean + Press (22.5, 15)
20 m. Front Rack DB Lunge 

L3: (15, 10)
L2: (12.5, 8)
L1: (Less than L2)